Canadian Canoes

White Guide. 17’ x 36” x 10” (5..2m x 90cm x 27cm)  29kg


Traditional design of open canoe with moderate tumblehome and just a little rocker. This is the ideal touring boat; she tracks well, can handle waves, will turn neatly with a little lean. Would not be my choice for white water but in any case you would be better with plastic for that.

Suitable for two paddlers, personally I am happy padding her solo in any but very windy conditions. Could be fitted with a third/fourth but as with all Canadians will paddle better with two. Enough capacity for a moderate camping trip.



Prospector 16’ x 35” x 13” (5m x 89cm x 35cm) 29kg


Probably the most popular of all canoe designs, has a moderately rockered and deeper hull than the White Guide and so is more manoeuvrable and a similar carrying capacity on a shorter hull.

Hawk - solo canoe. 14’ x 34” x 12”. (4.2m x 89cm x 30cm) 20kg


Good sized solo canoe with enough capacity for day tripping or overnight camping.


Fibreglass with woven cloth (not chopped strand mat) and polyester resin. Heavier glass and reinforcing ribs on the bottom. Can be made with built in buoyancy tanks at each end or left open. Central carrying yoke and carrying handles at each end, webbing seats, varnished wooden gunwales, stainless steel fastenings.


Custom built as required; colour, fit out,...  


All three models are car topable (best with roof bars and a tie down for bow and stern) and can be handled by one adult.